Whitwick Day Nursery

Dinosaur Explorers



The toddlers loved playing with the dinosaurs in the tuff spot tray with the sand and logs. We made some big footprints and some very loud roaring noises that morning! We saw the children using their imagination pretending to make the dinosaurs stomp and walk! We talked about some of the colours of the dinosaurs and their footprints, and some of the older children in the room even said the names of the colours themselves. The children enjoyed getting their hands messy in the sand and loved making different shapes and patterns.

Using the natural logs the children began to build small towers, balancing the logs on top of each other, the children celebrated when they successfully made their little towers and laughed if they fell down! 
There children interacted well with each other beginning to build little bonds with their peers and developing communication and social skills.


We followed on from the dinosaur tuff spot by setting up a painting and sticking activity and displayed the children’s work on a display board. We offered the children a variety of different coloured paints and tools to make marks with and some different collage material. We made some beautiful art work! We displayed lots of photos on our board of our activity and some different types of dinosaurs for us to look at.